The world is at a point where we are producing more and more waste in every household that pollutes our planet. More than our earth is able to recover in the long run. We were talking about this in class and I found myself thinking about this a lot recently. I always tried to look after my consumption and how much waste I produce in my daily life. But still, I feel like I have never really cared about it. Not to judge anyone here, but I admit myself to guess that many of you don’t really care either.

Many people feel overwhelmed when they hear “climate change” and somehow blame everyone else but themselves. And that is an understandable reaction if you don’t spend time digging into this topic and doing just a little bit of research. Because if more people would do it, they would see that just by making a few, small changes in your daily life, you easily have the power to be part of the change and add your own ounce of good to it.

Instead of using plastic bags which will end up in the ocean or wilderness anyway, try to use as much cloth bags as possible. You can even just put all the stuff you bought into your backpack and take it home. Also, maybe have a look at the products you buy and make sure they are not results of factory farming or produced in other bad conditions. Neither for the animals, nor for the people working hard for it.

An industry that also has big impact on the planet is the fashion industry so I urge you to take a look at your wardrobe. Sort everything out that you don’t wear and either make something else out of it (recycle it) or gift it to people who would need it or just sell it online. Then look for clothes that have a good quality to last long and also some that are just as minimal so they will never be “outdated”. And then keep them until they have holes so big they can’t be sewed by your grandma.

Fun fact: it is statistically proven that you produce less carbon dioxide when you shop online and order it right to your door instead of taking a bus-ride to the city and buy clothes locally in a shop.

Asket is a great example for a company which dedicated itself to a mission for more sustainable and eco-friendly clothes. They transparently show their customers the number of kilogram of CO2 created by fabricating a product and even how much the average wage for a worker is. A great approach that needs to be adapted by a lot more brands!

Otherwise pay attention to simply using refillable bottles, lunch boxes and also, in case you really need that new phone, either sell your old one or give it back to the company you bought it from to let them recycle it. The next time you have dinner with your parents ask them, why you’re home isn’t supplied by renewable energy. If they say it is: good for you! If it is not maybe think about to change your provider and enjoy surfing with electricity that is better for our environment.

Travelling is also a big matter when talking about the earth getting sick. We all know that flying around with a plane or — even worse — booking an ocean cruise is not the most environment-friendly thing to do. But I don’t judge people for doing this once a year, because I do too. Rather I would like to reach out to the ones who have to travel, for their work for example. Maybe think about going to your next meeting by train, bus or — in case it is nearby — even by bike or walking.

The designer and developer Louis Moody has recently released his app called “Zero Waste” with that you can track your saved kilograms of CO2 and learn about new ways to recycle, reuse and even explore shops where you can bring your own canisters to not produce any waste through the use of plastic bags or other shopping-typical waste.

I will definitely try to keep an eye on the products I use and buy to make more conscious, sustainable and intentional decisions. Will you do too? In any way: thank you for reading and stay safe!

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