A product-design and product-development studio focused on humanity and useful aesthetics spanning various creative fields.

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The story

As I started my freelance career back in 2020, I fastly reached the limit of only being able to earn a maximum of 450€/month, so I thought about solutions. I didn't want to work in any illegal way, nor did I want to work for free.

One day, when I sat down with my friend Jay, he offered me to found a company so that I could handle all the payments trough the company without having to worry about the limit of my health insurance. While thinking about this, the idea got bigger and explanded into what we are setting up now:

A creative and solution-driven design and development studio focusing on humans, not money.

After a while, we grew to a team of four after Benjamin and Silas, also two dear friends of mine, joined Jay and me. All of us pros in our fields, but also totally open to learning more and exploring new technologies and approaches.

Because we are currently still setting up a lot of internal structures and processes, we don't have a lot to show yet. But you can keep an eye on our Instagram to see when we are launching new products. Spoiler: there will be a sticker drop very soon!

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