Everyone should get the chance to unfold his or her musical potential to the fullest, regardless of their time and level. We developed a simple, measurable and personal approach to make our community achieve this goal.

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Photo by Luca Jahn


Back in 2019, Björn reached out to me on Instagram, asking if we could have a call to discuss a start-up idea he has and thinks that I would be a fit for. Since it sounded interesing, I agreed and we had a fun time chatting about Major Keys.

He was already working together with Niklas who also designed the concept of teaching that we converted into two well-structured video packages.

I loved the vibe of them two so I stared working at Major Keys to build the digital experience, and even doing the post production of the first video package we released in February 2020.

The idea

We can reach many more people personally with what we were able to learn. Passing on our passion, the music, everywhere in Germany!

It is our mission to help people discover their musical potential and to embrace their ideas at the piano. For doing so, we came up with an approach that includes three key points of our idea:

Current challenges

We are convinced that our products hold a lot of value and can help people explore their individual potential for music. However, we are still struggling with building a good reach and expanding our community.

Also, we are still in the process of exploring what it is, that our students and probable users might need. In the past months, we tried a lot, experimented with a few concepts and reviewd a lot of the outcomes. During this process, we realized that it is not that our products aren't good, but rather how we market them and that the relatively small amount of followers on Instagram is a big obstracle on the path.

After evaluating this, we set up three main steps that we want to focus on next:

  1. Extend reach on social media by providing value
  2. Produce more content with little effort and big outcome
  3. Gather concrete feedback on our product and how we can improve the experience

New website

Since our launch in February of 2020, the initial website stayed more or less the same. The only thing that changed was more content and buttons added to it which fastly exceeded into a cluttered page that is not a joy to use anymore.

Starting of differently, I approached the new design in a very radically minimalist way. Big typography, clear and to-the-point statements about our mission, values, and products.


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