Website Relaunch

The “Luisen-Gymnasium Bergedorf” is a high-school located in the beautiful hamburg. Since I started studying at this school, we just had the old website, which wasn’t even responsive.

Because this is a no-go nowdays, I decided to do a redesign of this website with a bunch of other students.

Responsive Wordpress Theme




Responsive Design


The old design and website isn’t even responsive and don’t uses some of the latest techniques to optimize the user experience.

A website which isn’t responsive is not a big deal in 2019, espcially not for a school.


For this project, I developed a WordPress theme, which is responsive and fully customizable. This is also a big improvement for creating all the content, because now you need zero experience in coding to do a change in the content.

The design works well with every screen size and it is even more optimized for phone.


For this website, it was important to find the perfect balance between playfulness and professionality. We used the colors from the School’s CI, but changed the fonts to something a bit more modern.


Easy content editing


If you want to change something on the old website, you nedded to know how to code. Sadly, this wasn’t the case for most of the people, who were available for this.


WordPress. With a working theme (I made) everyone can edit and create pages for the website, which speeds up our Workflow a lot.

How about a collaboration?

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