We thought through the whole concept of our school's website and developed a new mobile-friendly version. The main goal is to deliver requested information at a glance but also, if asked for, to go more into depth on a specific topic.

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The Challenge

Besides the fact that the previous version wasn't responsive at all, the navigation was another huge pain point. I mean, who doesn't love 4-level sub-menus?!

Breaking down the exsisting structure required a lot of work and refactoring of the content which is spread over almost 300 pages. Also, for offering a better overview of the topics, we had to rework the whole navigation.

The Solution

We decided to go all in and create a full-screen navigation with a scrollable sub-navigation on particular sub-pages. With this approach, you can quickly decide what area you want to dive into on a deeper level. Once in a sub-level, you can jump to other topics in that level without the need of opening the full-screen nav all the time.

Mobile version

Quickly checking some information on the go might not be number one use case of a school's website, but the number is rising. With more than 38k unique page views since the launch, we had to focus on making the mobile experience as easeful as possible.

Subject overview

To show what makes the school special and what the day-to-day life looks like, we placed a slider with the highlight of every subject of the school right at the top.

News and dates at a glance

Right below the introdcution, you can find latest news and upcoming dates with beautiful visuals and short but right-at-the-heart descriptions at first sight.

Helpful footer

The footer does not only contain the boring things, but also truly helpful bits and pieces that can answer the users questions straight away. Also, you can find all contact information right at your fingertip.


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