FHBeratung - Website for Frank Heymann who's a certified foreign trade merchant.

Sharing knowledge and experience is always something I like and love to support. I learned so much from people teaching me the important things in life to survive on this crazy planet so I want to give something back to them.

Role: UI/UX Design, development
Year: 2018/2019
Tools: Adobe XD, VSCode

As the dad of my best friend we got a lot of time to talk and think about his wheeling and dealing what lead us to this perfect product. It's a simple, minimal and clean landing page which is showing all the best sides of his seminars and gives a lot of information about them.

We also thought a lot about the users to make the result fit perfect for them so it's easy to handle. To analyze the target group is something really important for making the site as accessible as possible.




Lato Regular

Noto Serif


This is a really good way to get used to the site and to work with it much better. We all can use something better if we know it.

The coding part

I love coding since I learned it at school with around 10 years spent on this earth. My way got into Webdevelopment and that's exactly what I did for this project to bring it alive.

As always I learned a lot new stuff about getting things done in a faster way than I did before and about how to do certain things.

Clean, sweet and nice

And this even on a mobile screen. We came across the conclusion that the main target group will visit the site with a desktop pc or mac, but for those who do not I wanted to make the site on mobile looks good as well.

What I learned

I luckily learned very much this time, especially in the coding part because I worked with a new programming language that I never worked with before. Motivation goes far so I did and it was a lot easier than I thought the first time. Btw it was php.

In design I this was the first time I really spent some time figuring out what the main target group is that we're doing this website and product for. In main view this process is called UX Design (User experience).

Another thing that I'm even a little bit proud of is the the SEO (Search engine optimization) which kicks the site at the top of the search results at google or some other search platforms. At the moment we are at the first place. Whoop whoop!

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