Einfachlaurenz — A portfolio website for Laurenz who does videography and video editing.

Also like me, Laurenz likes to create high-quality videos and tells a story with his pictures. To present his work the right way I built his website with only the most important stuff.

Role: Website design and development
Year: 2019
Tools: Adobe XD, VSCode

The main goal was to show his videos right when the user enters the site. So we put the best results right at the top at the page, with nothing above them.

The design is also very minimal and clean so there are not many objects that are not distracting the user from the most important information on this site.

I also embedded some share buttons, so you can share his awesome work with the whole world.




Avenir Sans


Details are the best things to make anything unique. So I made a lot of little micro-interactions and little animations.

Thanks for the funny hours we spent together with this project, Laurenz :D

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