Linus Rogge

You're not gonna succeed in this!

I started my journey in high-school with a voluntary course on the basics of web development. That was in 5th grade when I was 11 years old. Our teacher handed me a pdf with the basic lines of html and css and I just randomly started typing them into the windows notepad. And that's how it all started.

During the last five years, I spent many long nights at my desk trying to figure out how things work. It started with simple and ugly websites (this was my first one). Over the time, I also got really interested in the topic of design, especially the user-experience part.

When I got better at the things I do, some voices raised and said "You're not gonna succeed in this!". First, that really pulled me down. I thought about whether it still makes sense to continue and to keep on trying. And the simple answer is: YES! Of course it is!

Don't let someone tear you down, just because they're jealous of what you have achieved and they have not. Keep on going, keep on grinding and find your way!

My company

Over the years, people saw my work and reached out to me, asking whether I want to work with them. Sadly, I had to deny most of these inquiries due to me not being 18 and a real freelancer. I was so tired of this that I started reseaching on how to start a company at the age of 15.

I just rarely found anything on the web that could help me. There was just one article giving me the right point to start. So I began to send out mails and letters to the court and the tax office. It took a while, but I got a reply from them. They wanted to talk to me in person to see if I'm really able to manage working part-time besides still going to school.

The conversation went pretty well and I soon got the official letter to confirm that I can now open up my own company/freelance business. I was hyped af about that and a week later I sat at another desk to sign a piece of paper that – followed by a payment of 20 bucks – created my company. Simply called "Linus Rogge".

I am really proud of this step and want to say special thanks to my parents for always supporting me!

Social Media

What are experinces worth, when you don't share them with others? Back in the days, I created my instagram account @linuscodes (formerly @young._.coder and thousands of other names I came up with) I never thought of what it is today, but I am happy to have grown such a great community. Since value is key on social media, I try to post as much helpful things as I can.

But still, it is also just my personal space on this platform to be creative and share some ideas. If you want to connect, feel free to hit me up there!