A creative young man from Hamburg who loves designing, coding and capturing some awesome moments

Who is that crazy boy?

Born and started to think in 2004, I'm a student in the 8th grade at my school. This is also the place where I first got in contact with all these stupid letters and numbers, simply called code. It happened when I was around ten years old.

Because of my parents who are both doing some design stuff btw I began to figure that out as well, especially in the area of User Interface design. But I've also solved some jobs in logo and branding design.

Another big passion is Photography. To learn more about that, you are warmly welcomed to visit my photography page.

The skills I got

Skills are not just about having the knowledge it's also about getting the experience. This is why I like to try out many things every single day and getting much more practical knowledge.

Here is a list of things I can and I love to work with. For more information on this topic you can check out my resume.






Adobe XD

InVision Studio

Adobe Illustrator


Photography & Editing

Portrait photos

Landscape photos

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom