Nice to meet you!

Hej, I'm Linus! A 14 years old student and design lover living in Hamburg.

Linus Rogge

I am a design lover and self-taught developer from Hamburg. The school where I am studying was also the place where I first explored coding. It was a lot of fun investigating these strange letters and numbers that output a working website.

When you start coding, the design part comes with it. I figured out that I liked this even more and started reading a lot about it. Then I finally started doing it and it is so much fun to think about every little piece that has to be embeded in a big project.

But good design does not only look good – it already solved a problem. This is where I put all my experience in, every time that I start with a new design. There is always a problem to solve or at least a needed way, to find a solution.

What I am into


websites, apps, logos, branding


html, css, scss, javascript, jquery, wordpress


portrait, landscape, product